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Rhonda Lerche

Here is a small sampling of correspondences Robert has received from clients.


Everything was beautiful-we had numerous compliments on the work you did!!! You made everything sparkle with happiness. We thank you,

Nathan and Lori .....Mystic, CT

Dear Robert,

Just wanted to say thank you-thank you-thank you......the room looked just beautiful! Everyone is still talking about how incredible the room looked. Even David, who as you were warned about being very picky thought it was incredible. I know how hard you and Julia worked to make last night such a again, Thank you.  Love Pauline and Mark.......Forrest Hills, NY

This one is from a very good friend of a close friend of mine that we decorated a birthday party for in the Yale Club..NYC.

Dear Peter and Anna,

Thank you so much for your absolutely wonderful birthday party. We came to NYC to share it with you, we tacked on a fun week of seeing our son and his wife and going to the theatre, but the culmination was your party. It was perfect. So glad we could be there. Anna, you out did yourself with the decorations and the surprise (aging) Elvis - fitting for the audience, of course.   M.I Levy, MD.....San Francisco

Dear Robbie,

Thank you so much for the beautiful decorating job you did at my party, Everything was excellent especially my personalized sign in board. I didn't know you had so much talent in the decorating business. Everything was great! So many people asked who did this. Also, all of my friends thought you were the funniest guy at the party. Thank you so much for doing such a great job. Thank you also for sharing such a special moment with me.

Love....Veronica......Monticello, NY

Thanks for making my New York theme a reality. Robert, your New York Skyline was the Bobby Byrne Show. I'm sorry you couldn't be there to hear the applause. Bobby should contact you on his own-as it made the stage. I was proud to say it was yours.


The Ladies of the Suburban Woman's Club......New Jersey 

Dear Robert,

You were wonderful ! There was not one person associated with the affair that did not comment on your professionalism, kindness and hard work. My mother fell in love with you (too bad she is 87). We can't thank you enough. It was an incredible relief to have you there and not worry about anything. And we were right-everything was beautiful. The art department out did themselves. It was the best sign in board I've ever seen as well as the best table centerpieces for the kids. The flowers upstairs were great and very oriental. We want you to come over to the house for dinner. Of course don't expect me to cook). Robert thank you for all of your care and work.

Much love and gratitude, Cathy, Chelsea, Steve and Matt.........New Jersey 

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